The Pure.

Clean – Care – Protect
Your refillable bracelet for all liquids

Hand Care with Swiss Precision & Medical Materials

Even the little things are a big deal

Biggest Capacity

One refil provides 50+ applications which guarantee 48h use

Self-closing system

You do not need to open and close anything to spray

Universal filling

Our bracelet accepts all kinds of liquids and gels from all dispensers

Large reservoir

ThePure bracelet has a reservoir that is 30% larger than market average

The Pure. Das Armband

ThePure is a refillable bracelet made of medical material available in 10 unique designer colors.  

The bracelet can be used for various liquids – disinfectants, creams and gels, perfumes, sunscreen, insect repellent, liquid chalk or simply for refreshment. 

Whether a disinfectant is needed when travelling or on public transport, sun protection is required when sunbathing, or dry hands need to be creamed, ThePure offers many filling options and is thus so flexible again/the carrier!

We all touch hundreds of objects every day. This happens often unconsciously, whether on the way to work, while shopping, doing sports or traveling. Bacteria or viruses lurk everywhere and can illnesses. Wouldn’t it be good to have a simple helper on your arm which protects you at any time? For example, in the subway or streetcar after touching the handle or in the supermarket after using the shopping cart. Our refillable wristband offers hygienic protection in everyday work, when shaking hands or for medical professions.  

Especially nowadays it is extremely important to enjoy again hygienic, safe feeling at any time at the touch of a button. With ThePure, it’s as easy as telling the time.  

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, e.g. on a city trip, hiking or skiing in the mountains, the bracelet is ideal for maintaining your sun protection or insect repellent. With ThePure you are completely relaxed on the road and protected from sunburn or insects. The volume of the wristband is sufficient for you to apply sunscreen to your face or hands several times.  

Uncomplicated handling – ThePure can be refilled at any time without further tools. To fill, simply remove the cap, fill with the liquid or gel of choice (hand gel, disinfectant, sunscreen, other liquids) and replace the cap. Due to the above-average filling capacity compared to other manufacturers, one filling is sufficient for over 50 applications (when used as a disinfectant dispenser). 

The application itself is as simple as the filling of the wristband. ThePure is always at hand on the wrist and with one press you have the perfect amount directly in your hands. Simply grasp the wristband with the other hand (not the hand on which the wristband is worn). Then press with the opposite thumb on the logo at top of the filled bracelet. The liquid, gel or cream comes directly through a small opening in the cap on the palm of the comprehensive hand. Now it is only massaged in! Ingenious and so simple! 

ThePure bracelet was developed in Switzerland and is 100% manufactured in the EU. Our medical grade silicone meets highest requirements of health industry (class VI material), is BPA free, plastic free and latex free. In addition, it is 100% heat and cold resistant and always remains in its original shape and color. Due to the ingenious design, the cap of the bracelet is tight when worn. And if one cap does get lost, the second free cap is ready in the box. 

ThePure is available in 10 unique designer colors, making it as individual as its user. Whether it’s bright “Rocking Red” at the gym, refreshing “Maldives Mint” while traveling, or elegant “Navy Blueberry” at a business meeting, our bracelet is suitable for every situation and occasion. 

Four reasons to buy our bracelet

Manufactured in the EU
We pride ourselves in producing this product 100% in the European Union

Swiss design
We pride ourselves in producing this product 100% in the European Union

Hygienic comfort
Original ThePure maintains your comfort – always and everywhere

Best Materials
Our bracelets are made from 100% medical grade materials

What People say about us


I work in a corporation where I meet a lot of people, always in rush, this small fancy sanitizing bracelet helps me to stay in my hygienic comfort zone.

Love it.


I carry ThePure. every day. It provides fast desinfection and protects me.

​against bacterias. It is very easy to use and takes all liquids. After that experience I got two more for my kids as well.


Practical, eco friendly and super easy to use. The Swiss Quality and designer shape in those great colors! No plastics and just medical materials, I think it`s a great invention!

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As a SWISS company we utilized world class medical materials, technology and knowledge to create high-end hand sanitizer