ThePure. BLUSH Flower


  • Over 50 sprays from one filling – enough for more than 48h!
  • Easy to use – just press the top logo with opposite thumb
  • Suitable for ALL liquids and gels
  • Refillable without additional tools and everywhere
  • 100% Medical Material
  • 100% Made in Europe and Swiss Design

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We present the BLUSH Flower – our choice number one for modern woman, feminity, sensitivity, charming

Your blush helper in daily routine 🌸👄👚👛🎀🛍💓

Whether in the supermarket, while travelling or during sports – ThePure offers full safety and comfort

Press the logo to get the perfect amount of liquid and gently massage it into your hands. ThePure is suitable for all commercially available liquids and gels

ThePure is the smallest, mobile wristband dispenser with the largest tank volume on the market – the wristband provides over 50 applications, enough for more than 48h!

When ThePure is empty, simply open the cap and refill it – anywhere you like – in the shop, at home or in the supermarket – it’s your choice!

ThePure is made of 100% medical grade material and is both heat and cold resistant

  • The box contains: ThePure wristband, two caps (free spare cap!) and a needle for first-time preparation of the cap
  • Universal and self-closing system for all liquids and gels: open, fill, close and use. So easy!
  • Filled, the wristband weighs only 20g – less than half the weight of a watch!
  • One filling allows up to 50 sprays and provides safety and comfort for up to 48h!
  • It is flexible and due to the special medical grade material (13-21cm wrist circumference)
  • Material: Class VI GMP silicone (meets the highest medical and food safety standards worldwide)
  • BPA FREE, Latex FREE, no Phthalates, no Bisphenol, no Plastic
  • Swiss design and 100% European production – we are proud to produce @HOME
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and highest material stability between -50 and +200°C

Stay in your hygienic comfort zone
Be ThePure
ThePure. Switzerland!

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● Klasse VI GMP-Silikon (erfüllt weltweit höchste medizinische und lebensmittelrechtliche Standards)
● BPA FREI, Latex FREI, keine Phthalate, kein Bisphenol, kein Plastik
● ISO 9001, ISO 14001 und höchste Materialstabilität zwischen -50 und +200°C


● Bis zu 50 Anwendungen abhängig von der Art der verwendeten Flüssigkeit

Geeignet für:

● Flüssigkeiten wie Desinfektionsgel, Handcremen, Sonnenschutz, Anti-Mosquito Lösungen, Flüssigkreide, Parfüm




● 7649988365805


● Schweizer Design und 100% Europäische Produktion – wir sind stolz darauf, @HOME zu produzieren


ThePure Armband, zwei Kappen (gratis Reservekappe!) und eine Nadel zur einmaligen Vorbereitung der Kappe


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.